Limespring School

Limespring Time

Booster classes for children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia aged 6-16.

This is aimed at children who would benefit from the boost provided

  • By intensive and specialist support;
  • Lessons from specialist teaching staff trained and experienced in meeting the individual needs of children with learning differences such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia, unlocking their potential;
  • In purpose-designed premises, for up to three sessions per week, while continuing at their current school.

The programme is based around literacy, numeracy and mastering touch-typing:

Literacy: Reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and handwriting.

Numeracy: Number, fractions, times-tables, time, money, shape.

Touch-typing: A tried and tested method of tuition to enable the child to touch-type to a good, basic standard is taught.

Having completed the programme the aim is for the child to better access the school’s curriculum and better equipped to engage with their learning. An assessment is carried out at the start, and conclusion, of the programme to provide an objective demonstration of progress.

Each session is for up to three hours, morning or afternoon, and is provided to small groups, from two to a maximum of four children. One to one support can also be provided in this way depending on availability of specialist staff.

Limespring Time works to boost the child’s learning. It is highly intensive and highly structured and can be tiring for the child.

COVID 19 Update 

During Lockdown the centre is offering bespoke online sessions for your child, our specialist teachers have all been trained to give online lessons. It is an ideal opportunity to fill in the gaps in your child’s learning.