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Parent Workshops

Patoss-dyslexia offer parent workshops on their website. These include:

We run a number of parent workshops as well as parent/child workshops at the centre and online.

The centre offer workshops from time to time. These are run by Denise Drinkwater. Denise has many years practical experience teaching and supporting children who are neurodiverse; as well as assessing children and young people; consultancy and training teachers, schools and corporations on neurodiversity and related issues.

See link below. Suitable for Parents.

£30 per person.

Neurodiversity – Practical Solutions to Support Your Child at home and in the classroom.

Practical strategies to support children who learn differently or have barriers to learning at home and in the classroom. Covers:

  • Executive function
  • Dyspraxia
  • Dyscalculia/Maths difficulties
  • Processing Difficulties
  • Language Issues
  • Reading and Spelling
  • Visual Perception

Dyscalculia/ Maths Difficulties: What it is? Practical Solutions

Maths is a subject very close to my heart and yet many teachers struggle to understand the stages enough it be able to teach it well. Although dyscalculia itself is rare, children are struggling more and more and we are seeing more and more diagnosed. This workshop explains why that might be and gives practical advice to support children with a diagnosis.

Reading and Spelling – How best to support your child at home

Parents (and Teachers) can often be perplexed by children who are finding reading and spelling difficult and by how best to help them. This workshop covers reading and spelling techniques including visual and motor memory, syllables, word families and analogies, root words and prefixes and suffixes.

Writing/Handwriting/Fine Motor: Practical Advice

The cognitive load whilst writing is immense. Children with processing differences, memory, spelling and handwriting issues are literally overloaded when it comes to writing. How can we help to lighten the load? Are handwriting issues simply solved by handing out a pencil grip?

Reading/Comprehension/Language: How best to support your child at home in a fun way

Parents often struggle to know how best to support their children with reading and/or comprehension. Is it a reading, processing or language difficulty. This workshop reveals some of the issues and what to do to support your child.

Phonological Awareness, Syllable Analysis and Spelling: Ways to improve

How often do we see children (and adults) who ‘read’ well but struggle with spelling? How often do we hear in class: ‘Miss how do you spell?’ Phonological Awareness and Syllable Awareness provide simple techniques to improve spelling for all!

Watch out for our Parent and Child Workshops. We shall run courses of 5 weekly one hour sessions focusing on:

Fine motor skills

Building Resilience/Managing Anxiety/It’s Okay to be different

Planning and Organisation/Task and Time Management

Mindfulness Techniques

Social Skills/Conversational Skills