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What are the benefits of a specialist dyslexia school?

All wrapped up warm on a chilly winter’s evening, I’ve been thinking about what makes Limespring such a unique place for dyslexic children to learn.

There are great benefits in going to a specialist dyslexia school that go far beyond the clear academic advantages. I can see plenty of other plus points including developed social skills, confidence building and the room to let children’s creativity flourish.

All our teachers are trained to fully understand how dyslexic children approach learning tasks, as you might expect! On a practical level, our school is stocked with teaching materials, technology and learning aids which are specifically focused on dyslexic students’ needs.

Specialist dyslexia schools cater for mixed levels of ability, which can be tailored depending on how dyslexia presents itself in individual students. For example, some may have more severe reading and writing issues than others. Such nuanced differences between forms of dyslexia can be unappreciated with a ‘one size fits all’ approach to learning difficulties in other schools.

Every day round here is buzzing with activity and the day-to-day environment is vital. A non-judgmental space where children can be themselves without the undue pressures of mainstream schooling, for example streaming by ability. This can impact the confidence and self-worth of children who maybe feel they don’t fit in, as opposed to the welcoming nature of specialist dyslexia schools.

We also understand that dyslexic children are bright and creative. Often in mainstream schools this can be squashed by the limitations of large class numbers and uncertainty on how to handle children that maybe find it easier to learn in non-typical ways. At Limespring, our future artists, scientist or entrepreneurs are allowed the space to develop their learning techniques beyond that of just reading, writing and arithmetic.

However, it’s not just the great facilities and teaching expertise that make a specialist dyslexic schools so positive for students. The benefit in meeting other likeminded children that live with dyslexia is immeasurable.

That ‘square peg round hole’ feeling can permeate through a child’s life when trying to stay afloat in a non-specialist school. Here at Limespring it is different. Being around other dyslexic students creates a shared understanding, which I witness with my own eyes every day. To know a child is accepted by their peers for who they are is a very special thing.

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