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During lockdown most parents have become ‘teachers’ we can offer the extra support you need

During this period of lockdown most parents have become ‘teachers’; supporting and working with their children whilst they complete their school work. For many children who learn differently this work has not differentiated, but is simply work that has been set for the whole class.

For the parents of these children this has been quite an awakening. It has brought into harsh reality the struggles that their child experiences in the classroom. They see how hard their child works and, in the safety of their own homes, how this can lead to frustration and anxiety. Often for the parent and the child in that the parent struggles to know how best to help.

The internet is awash with confusing advice and parents don’t know where to start. I have had emails sent at 3 o’ clock in the morning from parents desperately seeking help. Firing off emails to anywhere that can offer some kind of solution.

Some of these parents can narrow the search as their child has a diagnosis or even an education and health care plan. For others this is all completely new and overwhelming. For others still the diagnosis doesn’t seem to fit the difficulties they can see their child experiencing. Either way it leads to stress and anxiety in this already trying time.

As uncertainty over when schools will be opening their doors again continues and with the lack of opportunities for assessment this will only get worse. The lasting impacts of Covid-19 on our children’s education and well being will not be seen for sometime. I fear that the impact on children who learn differently  (and their parents) will be very far reaching.

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