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Online Dyslexia, Dyspraxia & Dyscalculia Lessons

It is a trying time for all of us as schools continue to be closed. Many parents are struggling in their new roles of ‘home-teacher’. For children who struggle at school, home schooling is even more challenging. Many of these children require specialist input, perhaps in the form of specialist lessons, or a learning support teacher to provide additional support, so that they can access the curriculum and of course it is no longer available. Not all of the work that the teacher has provided is accessible for the child without this specialist input. On top of this many parents feel that they are letting their children down if they cannot help them to complete the work. Some children are struggling with low self esteem and/or have a negative view of school and are suddenly thrown into a situation where school is home and home is school.

I have encountered many parents over the last few weeks who are at their wits end as their child struggles to do the work. Often damaging their relationship or struggling to know how best to support their child.

To these parents I say – it is far more important that you maintain the ‘mental health’ of yourself and the child than it is that you complete a few worksheets. Appreciate that your child will have a much more enriched learning experience if you and your child are calm and relaxed. So rather than sitting at a desk pouring over worksheets – read a book, plant some seeds, bake a cake or create a bird feeding station. These ‘learning’ activities will enrich your child’s language, vocabulary, practical skills and ‘world knowledge’ as well as developing life long learning and a more healthy relationship.

Now is also an ideal time to enable your child to fill in the gaps in their learning. There are a number of activities/lessons that are available online. These can be done during the normal school day thereby avoiding the problem of trying to catch up out of school when your child is often tired. It also leaves the weekend free so that your child can have much needed down or family time. At Limespring Education our specialist and highly trained staff are available for online specialist teaching.

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